Saturday, 27 August 2011

Am I committed or do I need committing?

Soooo, I bought a boat. To live on....... As you do. Not a nice sedate canal boat, or a sensible roomy river boat. A bloody great 30ft sail boat.

I have lived on the coast for nearly 2 years, before that I lived about as far inland as you could get. I have never sailed in my life! Which makes me wonder, "what the hell am I doing?"....... This is sort of intended to be a record, probably of how not to go about things. It was suggested by a colleague that I should write a blog, so here I am.

Basic facts first:
  • My boat is a 29'2" Snapdragon 890 named Maestro.
  • She was fairly cheap and does need some tidying.
  • I have not yet moved in, having only just had her surveyed it's a paperwork waiting game now.
  • I am currently renting a room. It's luxurious and I want for nothing - except my own space.
  • I am unwilling to rent and will never get a mortgage on my income alone.
  • Somehow along the way I decided buying a live aboard was the answer??

I am simultaneously scared witless, and unimaginabley excited.

And on the upside, yesterday I finally managed to remember which side is port, and which starboard - star light, star bright, starboard is on the right!